ASACP 2008 Conference Programme

Saturday 5 July

9:30 am Emotions, Feelings, Passions: In Honour of Robert Solomon

Koji Tanaka Logic, Emotion and the World: On Nishitani's Haiku
Chesire Calhoun Living with Boredom
Padmasiri de Silva Three Perspectives on Understanding Humour: Bob Solomon, Soren Kierkegaard and the Buddhist Contemplative Tradition
Kathleen Higgins How the Story Goes: Solomon on Culture and Emotion
Purushottama Bilimoria (Respondent)

1:30 pm Heidegger, Nietzsche and Asian Philosophy

Guy Petterson Heidegger and Asian Thought Reconsidered
Toby Mendelson Nietzsche and Buddhism
Purushottama Bilimoria Being after Heidegger: a Mehta-Mimamsa Rejoinder
Muhammad Kamal Rethinking Being: Sadra and Heidegger

4:30 pm Comparative Hermeneutics

Inna Semetsky Tarot Text as 'Readerly' and 'Writerly'
Sally Lu Interpreting the Ding Hexagram
Kim Lai Correspondences in the Kalacakra Tantra: the Vajrayana Interpretation of the Idea of Macrocosm-Microcosm
Eiichi Tosaki Husserl's Hermeneutics and Non-representational Meaning of the Image

6:30 pm Reception Drinks

8:30 pm Conference Dinner

Sunday 6 July

9:30 am Chinese Philosophy: Ethics Without Principles

Jeremy Seligman Ridding the Waters of Snakes and Dragons: Reason and Emotion in Mencius
Winnie Sung The Concept of Heart/Mind in Xunzi
Brian Mooney and John N. Williams Filial Obligations to Parents: A Comparative Analysis
Peter Chang Confucian and Christian Perspectives on the Inalienable Rights Doctrine
Peter Wong Thinking with Songs (revisited)
John Hanafin (Respondent)

1:30 pm Buddhism: Variations on the Middle Way

Elena Walsh Contradicting Convention: Thoughts on Candrakirti
Ricki Bliss Thinking about Nagarjuna, Thinking about Time
Ian Coghlan The Centrality of Dialectic in Madhyamaka
Bronwyn Finnigan How Can a Buddha Come to Act? The Possibility of a Buddhist Account of Ethical Agency
John Powers (Respondent)

4:30 pm Indian Philosophy

Monima Chadha Self-awareness: Eliminating the Myth of the 'Invisible Subject'
Jane Wiesner Yoga and Cognition
Maxine Haire Yoga Philosophy and Integral Thinking

6:30 pm Business Meeting